New arrivals to the RNG Classics fleet…

Posted on September 26, 2023

The choice between these iconic vehicles is undoubtedly a tough one, as each represents a unique era of automotive excellence and has its own distinctive characteristics. Let’s break down the options:

Corvette Stingray vs. Lotus Esprit Turbo: Both of these cars are known for their timeless design, and the super cool pop-up lights add an extra layer of nostalgia.

  • The Corvette Stingray offers classic American muscle, a powerful V8 engine, and an iconic presence that’s bound to turn heads wherever you go.
  • The Lotus Esprit Turbo, on the other hand, represents British engineering at its finest, with a mid-engine layout and handling that could rival many sports cars of its time.

If you’re looking for a blend of raw power and classic American flair, go for the Corvette Stingray. If you prefer the exotic charm of a British wedge-shaped sports car with turbocharged excitement, the Lotus Esprit Turbo might be your choice.

Porsche 928s vs. BMW M3: These cars offer different driving experiences and cater to distinct preferences:

  • The Porsche 928s, with its front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout, delivers a grand touring experience with impressive speed and comfort. It’s a stylish cruiser that can hit high speeds effortlessly.
  • The BMW M3 is the epitome of a driver-focused, high-performance sports sedan. Arguably one of the best BMWs ever made, it offers nimble handling, precise steering, and a powerful engine that can carve up corners with ease.

If you’re after the thrill of a high-performance sports sedan that’s equally at home on the track and the street, the BMW M3 is a top choice. However, if you’re more inclined towards a luxurious GT car with impressive straight-line speed, the Porsche 928s is an excellent option.

Ultimately, the choice between these iconic cars depends on your personal preferences. Each one has its own unique charm and appeal, making any of them an excellent choice for self-drive hire, events, road trips, or film and TV content.



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