Driving a classic car for 37 years produces less emissions than producing 1 electric car!!

Posted on March 8, 2023

Unfortunately there is a common misconception that classic cars are terrible for the environment, but the data shows that this is not necessarily true!!

The statement references two studies, one from Polestar and another from Loop, which provide data on the environmental impact of electric cars and classic cars, respectively. The Polestar study shows that the production process for a Polestar 2 (Standard Range, Single Motor) produces 23.8 tonnes of CO2, while the Loop study shows that driving a classic car produces 641.6kg of CO2 per annum when traveling the average distance a classic car does each year (1,200 miles).

This suggests that a classic car can be driven for 37 years and still produce less emissions than the production of a Polestar 2!!!

The statement also acknowledges that electric vehicles are a solution, but not the only solution, and that classic cars and electric vehicles can co-exist.

We need to start more conversations and demystify the idea that classic cars are always bad for the environment, as the data shows that this is not necessarily the case.

Our Ford Mustang below pictured with Christine Lampard who absolutely loved it!

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