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Experience the unmatched thrill of driving the Ferrari 360 Spider in the timeless Rosso Corsa red, complete with the iconic Ferrari Scuderia badging.

Inside, you’ll find the epitome of luxury and sportiness with Nero black leather sports seats featuring Daytona inserts. This incredible machine boasts a six-speed ‘gated’ manual transmission paired with a powerful 3.6-litre V8 engine, producing just under 400 horsepower. Accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in less than 5 seconds for the most exhilarating ride.

The Ferrari 360 Spider represents a remarkable shift in convertible design. It is the first true mid-engined convertible model from the Italian automaker. Instead of a removable targa roof panel, it features a quick-folding fabric hood that disappears in a mere 20 seconds. This innovative design is concealed under a rear deck, accentuated by twin ‘speed humps’ that also serve as roll-over protection.

With a more open cockpit than previous soft-top Ferraris, the 360 Spider provides an authentic convertible experience, distinguishing itself from cars with conventional sunroofs. Don’t miss the opportunity to drive this true modern classic in the making. Book your unforgettable Ferrari 360 Spider experience today!



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“The 360 makes a blood curdling noise as the revs climb round towards the stratospheric red zone” – Jeremy Clarkson


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Full Comprehensive Insurance
Daily Mileage Included – 100
Breakdown Cover (AA Business)
Storage For Your Vehicle
20 minute handover and introduction to the car

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