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Explore our collection of wedding car hire in Brighton, where the timeless charm of vintage vehicles meets the vibrant atmosphere of Brighton. Each classic car in our fleet is a meticulously restored piece of automotive history, crafted to add a distinctive touch to your wedding day. With Brighton’s iconic landmarks and historical streets as your backdrop, choosing one of our elegant wedding cars means you’re not just hiring a ride—you’re making history a part of your special day.

We’re dedicated to making your journey unforgettable, with each drive reflecting unmatched style and elegance

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The Elegance of Wedding Car Hire Brighton

Imagine the scene as you arrive at your wedding, a stunning car drawing the gaze of your guests. Choosing wedding car hire Brighton offers an entrance where luxury meets history, creating a moment that modern cars cannot replicate. Our fleet includes a variety of distinguished models, each with its own narrative and allure, ready to be part of your special day. This choice not only enhances your wedding’s ambiance but also leaves a lasting impression of elegance and style.

Your wedding day is an exceptional occasion that calls for nothing short of spectacular. Picture yourself stepping into a beautifully restored vintage car, like the striking Aston Martin Volante or the majestic Triumph TR3, each exuding a sense of distinct individuality. Choosing the perfect car not only turns heads but also brings a profound sense of pride and grandeur to your arrivals and departures.

Securing a vehicle of such distinction offers boundless opportunities for your wedding photography. The visual contrast of your attire, the venue’s elegance, and the car’s striking design beautifully symbolise the union of your unique lives. Ensure you communicate with your photographer and videographer about the car you’ve chosen, discussing the best moments to capture around your day’s timeline to fully utilise its aesthetic potential and capture those memories forevermore.

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You’ve both decided on a colour scheme, styling, and floral arrangements, but the final touch to your dream wedding is choosing the perfect car. This decision will complete the vision you’ve crafted for your special day and tie it all together.

This experience is not just a rental; it’s an investment in crafting unforgettable memories and adding a touch of elegance to your wedding. The presence of a beautifully restored vintage car from RNG Classics elevates your celebration, transforming every moment into a scene straight out of a classic film. By choosing RNG Classics, you’re not merely hiring a vehicle; you’re incorporating a piece of history that enhances the elegance, romance, and sophistication of your event. This ensures that the memories created are as lasting and magnificent as the vehicle itself, leaving an indelible mark on your special day.

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Choosing your ideal Wedding Car

RNG Classics is dedicated to helping you find the perfect vintage car for your wedding day. Our extensive collection of cars offers a variety of choices to match your specific needs. As you consider which car to choose, keep in mind these points:

Car Style & Theme

The magic of your wedding day is a reflection of your personal style and vision. Ensure the style and era of the car you choose complements your wedding’s overall aesthetic seamlessly. Envision an Aston Martin DB9 enhancing a classic-themed wedding with a contemporary flair or a Land Rover Series 3 fitting into a rustic theme. Carefully selecting a vehicle that matches the era and design of your celebration, you create a harmonious and immersive atmosphere, making every detail of your day feel intentional and beautifully coordinated.

Colour Coordination

As you finalise the aesthetic details of your wedding—from suits and linens to bridesmaid dresses—the colour of your wedding car hire Brighton plays a crucial role in enhancing the visual appeal of your event. Traditional colours like white or silver are favoured for their ability to blend seamlessly with any theme, offering elegance and grace. For those seeking a more dramatic effect, bold colours such as vibrant red or deep midnight blue can provide striking contrast, adding depth to your colour palette and making your arrival truly memorable.

History and Significance

Each car carries its own story, ready to be interwoven into the fabric of your wedding day. Choosing a vehicle like the Peugeot 205 GTI, which may evoke cherished memories, or an Aston Martin Vanquish, which represents sleek modernity, adds layers of depth and personal resonance to your celebration. Such meaningful choices not only enrich your day but also become captivating elements of discussion for your guests, beautifully merging nostalgia with contemporary elegance.

Venue Aesthetics

When choosing your wedding car hire Brighton, it’s crucial to consider both the visual style and the practical aspects of your venue. Whether it’s a majestic Aston Martin V8 Volante enhancing the grandeur of a stately manor, or a sleek Mercedes 280SE complementing a beachside setting, the right vehicle should not only match but also be able to access the venue smoothly. This careful consideration ensures that the car enhances the overall ambiance of your wedding, seamlessly integrating into the beauty of your day.


Choosing the ideal car is an exciting process that marries your personal preferences with necessary practical considerations. It’s important to think about the journey itself—ensure the travel distance is within the car’s mileage limits and that it comfortably fits all passengers. Additionally, make sure there’s enough space for your essentials and the bridal gown, crucial aspects for a smooth and enjoyable wedding day experience.

After selecting your ideal vehicle, it’s important to book it well in advance. Organise the pick-up and drop-off times thoughtfully to ensure they suit your schedule. Driving such a splendid car brings excitement and elegance to your day; by keeping a detailed and well-planned schedule, you can truly enjoy every memorable moment to the fullest.

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Customising your wedding car brings a personalised flair to your special day, making every aspect truly reflective of your individual style and wedding theme. Consider these elegant customisation options to integrate your vehicle seamlessly into the visual elegance of your celebration, enhancing the overall aesthetic and making your event uniquely memorable.

Complementary Decorations

Decorating your chosen wedding car can greatly enhance the aesthetic of your special day. Selecting the right vintage car that complements your wedding’s style, whether it’s charmingly classic or retro chic, helps to integrate the car smoothly into your event’s overall theme. The design, era, and colour of the car should harmonise with your wedding decor, ensuring a cohesive and visually stunning atmosphere. By carefully choosing a vehicle that aligns with your vision, you make every moment of your celebration both curated and memorable.

Colour Coordinate with Your Wedding Theme

When selecting the perfect classic car, colour coordination with your wedding theme is crucial. Opt for a neutral-toned vehicle like ivory to blend seamlessly with any colour palette, enhancing the overall style and cohesion. Alternatively, for a more dramatic effect, choose a vibrant hue like red, exemplified by our Ferrari 308 GTSI QV, to create a striking visual contrast. Thoughtful coordination of the car’s colour with your wedding decor ensures a harmonious and visually captivating ensemble for your special day.

Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements can significantly enhance the aesthetic of your wedding car hire Brighton, adding a touch of personal romance. Opt for flowers that complement your wedding theme and colour palette to adorn the car’s exterior, ensuring a unified appearance. Placing flowers on the hood, doors, or rear of the vehicle not only highlights its vintage elegance but also integrates the car beautifully into the overall wedding decor, making your entrances and exits exceptionally picturesque.

Personal Touches

Adding personal touches to your wedding car can make it a deeply meaningful emblem of your relationship. Consider incorporating custom features such as monogrammed ribbons, personalised licence plates, or a specially curated playlist for the ride. These thoughtful details not only showcase your personal style and the unique story of your relationship but also ensure that the car stands out as not just a stylish element, but a significant part of your special day.

Practical Considerations

While aesthetics are important, practicality is crucial as well. Ensure the vehicle has sufficient space for your gown and provides comfort throughout your journey. Confirm that any additions to the car are safe, secure, and won’t cause damage. Discuss any customisations with us to ensure they are feasible and won’t harm the vehicle. Balancing beauty with functionality ensures that your wedding car not only looks great but also contributes to a smooth and enjoyable wedding experience.

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Carefully schedule the arrival and departure times of the car to match your wedding day’s timeline. Verify parking details at the venue and any potential restrictions. If you are using a chauffeur, ensure they are well briefed on the day’s plan for seamless transitions. This thorough planning helps guarantee that everything runs smoothly throughout your special day.

Timing and Routes

Perfect timing and strategic route planning are crucial for a seamless journey in your wedding car hire Brighton. Allocate additional time for unforeseen delays and scenic photoshoot opportunities. Select visually appealing routes to enhance the romance of your ride, making each moment memorable. Carefully consider timing and routes to ensure your travel complements the joy and ease of your wedding day. Always check for road closures or traffic updates online to avoid any surprises.

Coordinating with Photographers

Working closely with your photographer and videographer ensures the unique charm and elegance of your wedding car are perfectly captured on your special day. Discussing and planning for photo opportunities ahead of time allows for staged shots that highlight the car’s beauty in natural light, creating timeless photographs that echo the romantic atmosphere of your wedding. This careful coordination ensures every detail of the car is beautifully immortalised.

Booking Policies

We strive to make your experience as seamless as possible which is why we try to make everything as straightforward and as easy as possible. To ensure clarity, we encourage you to review our booking policies when hiring a wedding car. Check the availability of your chosen car for your specific date and confirm all logistical details in advance and understand any areas that may have limitations. Speak with the team at RNG Classics and we can assist.

Testimonials & Success Stories

At RNG Classics, hearing the heartfelt testimonials and reviews from our clients inspires us to continually strive for excellence. These success stories fuel our passion and commitment to providing exceptional service, ensuring that every wedding car hire experience is as memorable and special as our clients’ big day:

APD noted how the car added to their wedding photos: We hired RNG’s Porsche 356 for our wedding day, it looked stunning in our photos and added so much to the day. The car was easy to drive back to London and Robbie’s service before and on the day was excellent. The drop off and collection made everything so much easier. Thank you, I would highly recommend.”

Varo enjoyed the exciting and head-turning surprise: “Contacted Robbie at relatively short notice to hire the Ferrari 308 as a surprise for my fiancée and as others have said, it was a seamless experience from start to finish. The car really turned heads and completed our wedding album! Would recommend without hesitation.”

Stephen appreciated the service and the quality of the 1971 Triumph Spitfire: “We had a great experience renting the Triumph Spitfire for our wedding day from RNG! Robbie delivered the car in the morning with a full briefing. The Spitfire was well maintained, and looked great for our photos. Great customer service and very friendly too. Thanks!”

Mat was pleased to have hired the Porsche 356: “RNG classics team were brilliant throughout the whole hire process.The Car was fantastic and really set the tone for our wedding day.”

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