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Discover the Beauty of Wedding Car Hire Berkshire

Discover the charm of wedding car hire Berkshire with RNG Classics, where vintage luxury meets timeless elegance. Our selection of classic wedding cars offers more than just transport—they provide a distinctive experience that elevates your special day. Each vehicle brings a touch of nostalgia and sophistication, ensuring your journey to the altar is as memorable as the ceremony itself.

Selecting a wedding car hire Berkshire from RNG Classics goes beyond mere transportation—it’s an opportunity to engage with history. Each vehicle in our carefully selected collection embodies a perfect mix of elegance, style, and timeless charm, designed to make your wedding day exceptionally memorable.

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The Charm of Wedding Car Hire Berkshire

The allure of wedding car hire Berkshire turns your special day into an extraordinary event. Picture yourself stepping into a beautifully restored Ford Mustang, its exterior shining in the sunlight, elevating your entrance with unmatched elegance. Wedding car hire Berkshire doesn’t just transport you; they enhance your wedding, making each moment unforgettable with their elegance and timeless beauty.

The sophistication of a classic car cannot be overstated. Whether it’s the streamlined elegance of a Lotus Esprit or the luxurious aura of a Ferrari 360 Spider, these cars embody the pinnacle of style and grace. Making your entrance or exit in one of these vehicles guarantees that both moments are unforgettable. Not only do they leave a lasting impression on your guests, but they also serve as a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos, capturing the essence of your celebration and creating memories you’ll treasure forever.

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Incorporating the perfect car into your wedding not only offers a picturesque setting for photography but also creates an unforgettable atmosphere, enhancing the romance of your special day. It acts as a beautiful backdrop, helping to capture and create enduring memories that will be treasured for years to come.

The classic wedding car you select offers a glimpse into your and your partner’s personality and style preferences. Whether you choose to elegantly arrive in a quiet, classy vehicle or make a bold entrance with a roaring V8 engine, the car you pick will surely capture your guests’ attention and reflect your individual tastes.

Wedding cars stand out due to the personal connections they inspire. Each vehicle has its own unique narrative, and selecting one that holds meaning for you adds depth to your wedding day. Whether it’s the nostalgic allure of a car reminiscent of family tales or the refined elegance of a model that aligns with your tastes, wedding car hire Berkshire offers a way to express your individuality and imbue your celebration with significance.

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Choosing the Right Wedding Car Hire

Selecting the perfect wedding car from our collection is both exciting and crucial. Here are some considerations to help you choose the right car for your wedding:

Theme and Period

The style and era of your wedding car hire Berkshire should complement your wedding’s overarching theme. For instance, an Aston Martin Volante, radiating opulence, is perfect for traditional wedding settings, whereas a striking 1980s Ferrari would fit beautifully with a wedding that combines modern flair with vintage elements. Selecting a car that reflects the era and style of your wedding can significantly enhance the overall coherence and atmosphere of your celebration.

Colour Scheme

The colour of your wedding car hire in Berkshire plays a key role in setting the tone for your celebration. Classic whites or silvers remain popular for their elegance and ability to complement any wedding palette. For those desiring a more dramatic effect, vibrant colours like red or deep midnight blue can provide a striking contrast and add a bold touch to the overall visual theme of your day. Think about the colour tone of your overall wedding and find complementary colours that would work for you.

Model History and Significance

Every car in our collection has its own distinct narrative, adding a layer of personal significance to your event. Opting for a model like the Peugeot 205 GTI may bring back fond family memories, while a Triumph TR3 adds an element of ageless grace. Such meaningful connections not only make your selection richer but also ignite lively discussions among your guests, elegantly merging elements of nostalgia and refinement throughout your special day.

Matching Venue Aesthetics

When choosing a wedding car hire for your venue, consider both logistics and aesthetics. A Bentley Continental GT might suit a grand manor perfectly, while a sleek Porsche 356a Speedster could be ideal for a coastal ceremony. Ensure that the vehicle not only fits visually but can also access and navigate the venue comfortably.


Choosing the perfect car involves balancing personal preferences with practical needs. Beyond the allure of a stunning vintage model, consider the practical aspects such as travel distance and mileage limitations. It’s crucial to ensure the car offers sufficient comfort for passengers, adequate space for essentials, and, critically, enough room to accommodate the bridal gown comfortably.

Once you’ve chosen your wedding car hire, book it well in advance making sure you’ve secured it for your day. Confirm the pick-up and drop-off times, ensuring they fit smoothly into your day’s itinerary. Enjoying the luxury of such a vintage car is exhilarating, but it’s vital to keep an eye on the schedule to fully relish every moment without any disruptions. Should you need help with any aspects of the booking, please get in touch and we could address any questions you both have.

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Customisation Ideas

Adding personal touches to your wedding car can significantly enhance the uniqueness of your celebration, ensuring every element reflects your personal style and the overarching theme of your event. Here are some creative ideas and factors to consider that will help your vehicle complement and elevate the aesthetic of your special day.

Complementing Your Car’s Style

When selecting wedding cars Berkshire for your event, consider enhancing the inherent elegance of the vehicle with thoughtful decorations. For vintage models such as a Chevrolet Corvair Monza or a Porsche 911 Carrera Supersport, choose decorations that resonate with the era, like white ribbons, vintage lace, and floral arrangements in soft, pastel hues to preserve and accentuate their timeless appeal.

For sportier models like an AC Cobra V8, opt for bold and striking decorations. Vibrant and eye-catching arrangements or playful, theme-based accents can effectively complement and enhance the car’s dynamic and energetic nature.

Delving into imaginative decoration ideas can make your wedding car hire in Berkshire both elegant and unforgettable. Unleash your creativity to discover distinctive ways to enhance the vehicle’s charm, ensuring your event is exceptionally unique.

Colour Coordination Your Wedding Theme

When selecting a wedding car Berkshire, it’s crucial to ensure that your decorations align with your wedding’s colour scheme. Opt for coordinated ribbons, floral designs, and custom signage that match your chosen colours. This harmony between your decor and the overall theme enhances the visual appeal of your celebration, seamlessly integrating the classic car into the aesthetic of your event.

Floral Arrangements

When decorating your wedding car with floral arrangements, select flowers that align with your event’s colour palette. Strategically place these blooms on the car’s hood, bumper, or door handles. Choosing the right flowers not only enhances the natural beauty and elegance of your vintage vehicle but also makes it more striking and photogenic, leaving a lasting impression on your special day for you and your guests.

Personal Touches

Envision adding unique, bespoke decorations to your wedding car, such as a customised ‘Just Married’ sign, your initials, or the date of your event. These personal touches narrate your individual love story, transforming the vintage car into an integral, memorable part of your celebration. Each carefully chosen detail adds to the enchantment and personal connection of your special day, making it even more meaningful.

Practical Considerations

When customising your wedding car Berkshire with personal decorations, ensure they do not hinder the driver’s view and are securely attached. Always coordinate with us at RNG Classics in advance to confirm that your decorative choices are allowed and won’t damage the vehicle’s finish, thereby maintaining the car’s pristine condition.

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Whether you’re hiring for a day or the whole weekend, ensuring seamless planning is crucial for a stress-free experience. When arranging wedding car hire Berkshire, it’s essential to meticulously schedule the timing and routes to ensure smooth travel. Make sure to confirm all logistical details like pick-up and drop-off times to guarantee that your vintage car hire enhances your special day without any hitches.

Timing and Routes

Navigating through scenic Berkshire in a classic car requires advance planning. Ensure your vintage car is scheduled to arrive well before your event begins, and map out the most visually appealing routes. Take some time to familiarise yourself with your wedding car and check online for any potential road closures or roadworks along your planned path. This careful planning allows you to fully enjoy your classic car experience with complete peace of mind, knowing all details are meticulously arranged.

Coordinating with Photographers

The photographs taken at your wedding will encapsulate your memories of the day so it’s worth discussing with your photographer as to what kinds of images you’d like to see. Coordinate closely with them about the classic car you’ll be using to ensure they’re prepared for unique photo opportunities throughout your wedding. Discuss and plan specific times for staged photos, perhaps before the ceremony or during the reception, to best showcase the car’s elegant features in natural lighting. Proper coordination will ensure your classic car is splendidly captured, enhancing your wedding album with an additional layer of sophistication and timeless charm.

Booking Policies

We’re dedicated to ensuring your wedding car hire Berkshire experience is flawless. Familiarise yourself with our booking policies for a smooth experience. Our clear cancellation policy provides security if plans change. Check the availability of your chosen car for your date and confirm all logistical details early. Couples often come to us with lots of differing ideas and we’re always happy to help where we can. With this, you can relax and enjoy your special day, confident that all details are managed professionally and efficiently.

Testimonials & Success Stories

We take great pride in the joy and excitement that our classic cars bring to our clients. Here are testimonials from some of our satisfied customers who have experienced the magic of our vintage vehicles:

Krunal commended the experience and timing: “Used RNG Classic for my wedding day and the experience was very much seamless. We agreed a delivery and pickup time, both of which needed to be spot on to avoid any disruption to the wedding timings, and they were absolutely spot on. Highly recommend.”

Charlotte said the 4 cars made their day perfect: “What an experience, RNG supplied 4 beautiful cars for my wedding, their service was perfect, they made mine and my wife’s day, a day to remember I highly recommend, I couldn’t be happier!! THANK YOU!!!”

Nicholas hired his dream car for the weekend for his wedding: “Rented the Jaguar E type for a weekend for our wedding. Robbie was very responsive to all queries, and always helpful. We got our deposit back within 2 weeks, and the car was a very special part of our wedding!”

APD fell in love with the Porsche 365 Speedster: “We hired RNG’s Porsche 356 for our wedding day, it looked stunning in our photos and added so much to the day. The car was easy to drive back to London and Robbie’s service before and on the day was excellent. The drop off and collection made everything so much easier.”

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