LATEST OFFER: 1966 is maybe one of the most iconic years in our history, and arguably the best year of production for the incomparable Ford Mustang…

Our Rosso red convertible, with its all original black leather seats and the legendary 289 V8 engine paired to a smooth automatic gearbox is a wonderful mix of American muscle and cruiser.

A breeze around town sightseeing, or a little roadtrip to find some adventures, or maybe even a run to the coast to cruise along the seafront. There’s still lots of sunny days left coming up!

We are offering 25% off our weekend rate during September 2022

Aston Martin DB9 interior

The original and best Pony Car, our all original 1966 convertible Mustang with the iconic small block 289 V8!

The Cobra is my personal favourite car. The original 289 Cobra is the car I respect the most!

Carroll Shelby